A   happy family church where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord.




 Our Vision.




 Equipping believers for the work of ministry.




 Living Word Ministries Bremen e.V is a family church, equipping believers for the work of ministry, committed to discovering, calling forth, sustaining & harmonizing gifts and talents for the common good. A church bonded in love connecting the head and the heart. A group of people with a prophetic mind set, mandated to setting things in order in every aspect of life. Join us every Sunday in celebrating the Lordship of Jesus, through the inspired Word, Prayers & Worship Songs. Our address and worship time is (Gemeindezentrum Zion Kornstr 31, 28201) 12 Noon every Sunday. It could be reached using bus 26/27 and tram 6. Bus stop is Gasfeldtstraße. Someone is always available to talk to, at any time should there be any question of interest.




 Pastor George Okoro








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Experience the Joy of Christmas 25.12.2019










17.10.2021  Wordfest  / 12-14 Uhr  / #KeepAndAdd

24.10.2021   / 12-14 Uhr  / Possessing Your  Possession


31.10.2021   / 12-14 Uhr  / In search of a faithful man.......

November 2021 Programme:


God's presence is the best place to be!

November 7th is an all worship service that will bring down the glory of God; the atmostphere will be saturated with pure worship,it will be a date with destiny for mountain shall melt like wax,come expectant! With God nothing is impossible!

November 14th

Prayer Service in times like this!

Prayer changes things! From generation to generation; people stood in the gap for God to do only what God can do:A Pastor friend once said " When man works man work,but when man prays God works" Nothing could be truer! In this service men and women of faith will again stand in the gap,to close up all the gaps the enemy opened causing despair pains, and ungodliness in the world as we see it today! Please join the train!