Bible Workshop
Sunday 05.07.2020 12- 13:00Uhr


Theme for July: Be inspired by the spirit!


In the scriptures we see great and,impossible things,unimaginable deliverances,understanding the mind of God,defeating sin and  Satan were made possible by the Spirit, the bible itself was written by holy men of God inspired by the Spirit, this month we would like to delve into the life of the Spirit,to be inspired for personal and congregational achievements  all for God's glory,be inspired!


Opening: Prayer / George


Song ministration: / Three songs - Sis Confidence


Moderator:Bro Mike Onuoha


Text for the week
Romans 8:1-27


Bible Workshop questions! 1/ Romans 8:1-8 Compare life of the Spirit vs the flesh


The Spirit

The flesh










ii/ What lesson can we pick out from verse 9 ?



iia/ Discuss disadvantages of living life in the flesh,draw your references from the whole text!



iii/ From verses 10 -16 make a good case of the benefits of life in the spirit!



iv/ Share insights from verses 17 -27,and discuss further benefits of the spirit!




Spend time to pray up all the points,insights and more!

Sis Hilda,bro Rex,Sis Joy,Sis Franka,& Sis Dorothy



Special number:
•Sis Prescious 2 •Sis Confidence 2



Exaltation/ Pastor George



Announcement / Bro Imo



Jesus is still building His Church,stay safe!


God bless you!




Experience the Joy of Christmas 25.12.2019










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November 2021 Programme:


God's presence is the best place to be!

November 7th is an all worship service that will bring down the glory of God; the atmostphere will be saturated with pure worship,it will be a date with destiny for mountain shall melt like wax,come expectant! With God nothing is impossible!

November 14th

Prayer Service in times like this!

Prayer changes things! From generation to generation; people stood in the gap for God to do only what God can do:A Pastor friend once said " When man works man work,but when man prays God works" Nothing could be truer! In this service men and women of faith will again stand in the gap,to close up all the gaps the enemy opened causing despair pains, and ungodliness in the world as we see it today! Please join the train!